JLCS Luxury Interiors: is a Full Insured Company, founded in 2008 by GEORGE Castaneda.

* JLCS, is a New York based company specializing in high-end residental decorative painting and plastering,
ranging from traditional treatments to fina finishes.

* We work with each customer personally to meet their request and complete the project to their total

* JLCS: Prides itself in its ability to be versatile and innovative while always keeping its client's sensibilities
at the forefront.

* JLCS: As a Fully Insured Company, we have a personal interest in every project and provide the necessary
follow through once you put a project into our hands, you can rely on a professional and timely completion.

Our Philosophy:

* NO PROJECT IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL, at JLCS we pride in focusing on the fundamentals. We consider the preperation of the surfaces to be equally as important as the final decorative finishes.

* JLCS: Makes the effor to ensude that all our prepared surfaces are of highest quality.

* The results speak for themselves, this is why many architects, designers and contractors select as their preferred choice "JLCS Luxury Interiors Inc"

Our Reputation:

* JLCS Luxury interiors, is recognized by many decorators, architects and contractors firms for the quality of our workmanship and quality of service.

* This reputation has enabled us to build a client base that is satisfied and reassured with our high finishing.

* JLCS has always had the ability to produce high quality decorative work.

* Our service is our first and foremost priority and it shows in our work.

* Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us.